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And to those who wish to remain anonymous(!): "31Austin", "The Brigade Leader", "Brian Damage", "DaveyDee", "Eeeyun", "Emma", "GSSWales", I.C., "Idrenniel", "Josie" and "Sue", "MacDawn", "PhantomTink", "StarShipTrooper", "Veta_Black", and "Tomlou"

And also to everyone who has been on our location walks for their own observations!


Thanks to Scott Frankton, Gareth Price, Mark Davies and the "KI'n'DA" group for their relentless scouring of Cardiff, Penarth, Newport and the environs for the more elusive locations, especially from Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures!

Special thanks to Richard Bignell for additional location information, and for his permission to use extracts from his book, On Location.

And to the BBC for giving us a programme to enthuse over in the first place!

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