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The following files provide location information for other services; the information is updated regularly to reflect changes in the database on the site.

Please note: these files are provided for personal use only, for integration with services like Google Maps, Google Earth and within mobile devices in order to assist in exploring locations. The data may not be used by third parties for incorporation into applications or publications without prior agreement.

Google Earth

Click on the link below to download all of the locations on the website as a KML file, suitable for loading into Google Earth or Google Maps. The file places icons onto the maps showing where the locations are and which stories they relate to, linking back to this site for more information.

DOWNLOAD GOOGLE EARTH FILE - last updated 12 Jan 2013

Tom-Tom Navigator POI File

Click on the link below to download all of the locations on the website as an OV2 file, suitable for loading into Tom Tom Navigators as points of interest (POI). You'll also need the icon file to go with the POI database.

DOWNLOAD TOM-TOM POI FILE - last updated 13 May 2011


Note for Opera users:
If you have problems downloading the GoogleEarth file, it could be because the file associations are incorrect. You will need to apply the following changes:

Go to Tools->Preferences->Downloads
Untick Hide file types opened with Opera
Find application/, if it is there then select and click Edit, if not then Add.
Set MIME type to application/
Set File extensions to kml
Select the Open with default application option - this should already be pointing to the googleearth application
Select OK and then OK and that should do the trick!

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