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This section of the site presents locations in a form of maps and lists detailing where they may be found, how to get to them, and (where known) how they look now compared to the time of filming.

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Please note that whilst many locations are public and you may freely visit them, some are private property or have an admission charge to enter. Where there is no or some form of restrictive access this is noted in the location details.

Where a location is private, we are sometimes able to provide details on where you can go to view filmed places from a public area, or in some cases simply have a photograph of the public entrance to a private site. However, where permission has been sought we have photographs taken on private property.

The maintainers of this site do not encourage or condone any form of trespass onto sites that are private, and cannot be held responsible for any action that may be taken against such trespassers!


Many location entries provide directions on how to get to them, or where to travel to next; these directions can be stored in our route planner and can then be printed out to take on your travels (along with relevant screen shots for comparison purposes). It is also possible to print out directions that have been calculated between two locations by Google Maps (shown under the map on location pages when available).

Whilst every care has been taken to correctly detail directions to a location, in many cases these are provided by other contributors or route-finders such as Google and Tom-Tom and we cannot guarantee they are accurate - we strongly recommend that you carry your own maps/GPS trackers and don't solely rely on directions from this site!

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