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Asheldham Nature Reserve

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Asheldham Nature Reserve
Asheldham, Essex

Formerly known as Carwoods Quarry

Carwoods Quarry was a sand and gravel pit that has since been turned into a nature reserve run by the Essex Wildlife Trust, covering some 35 acres of land surrounding the old pit. However, there is no access into the site for safety reasons.

How to get here:


Road: A12 - From the A12 at Chelmsford, take the A414 turnoff east towards Danbury and Maldon. At the roundabout with the B1010, follow that towards Cold Norton. When you reach that village, turn left onto the B1018 which heads towards Southminster, and then bear left onto the B1021 towards Bradwell, where it then passes through Asheldham. Parking: Rushes Road (as the road bears right, through the village). The footpath can be found along the main road as it bears left (opposite the Lafarge Aggregates working quarry). +

This location is private and has no or limited access only. There is a public footpath that runs around the edge of the nature reserve which does allow observation into the reserve.


Access: privateStatus: alteredNature Reserve


Photograph taken: 30th September 2006 by Chuck Foster

Carnival of Monsters (2)
Screen Shot
Filmed: 31 May 1972
The Doctor and Jo exit a cave into seemingly empty marshland within the miniscope.


Other nearby locations:


Tillingham Marshes (Carnival of Monsters). Road: Follow the B1021 out of Asheldham north towards Bradwell, where it then bears right and through Dengie. As the road bears left through Tillingham, carry straight on onto Grange Road and then follow this until its end at Grange and Howe farms (note: it turns left at Tyler's Farm, with a phonebox opposite). Parking: roadside (don't block farm turnings!) Then make way along public footpath through the Howe Farm fields to the dyke.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Kingsnorth Industrial Estate (Inferno): 20.54 miles.


Red Sands Sea Fort (Fury from the Deep): 23.12 miles.


Stone House Farm (caves) (The Mutants): 24.01 miles.


Lafarge Cement (Northfleet) (The Ambassadors of Death): 27.76 miles.


Bluewater (The Mutants): 30.04 miles.

Further links about the location:


Essex Wildlife Trust

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Carnival of Monsters [31 May 1972]: The Doctor and Jo hide in a cave.

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