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BBC (Victoria Road)

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BBC (Victoria Road)
Victoria Road, Acton, W3 6UL

Formerly known as TCC Condensers

The north-east area of Victoria Road (Gypsy Corner) was first acquired by the Telegraph Condenser Company (TCC) in the 1950s in order to produce printed circuits. The company was a significant UK manufacturer of circuits during the 1960s, but as competition increased the company eventually moved out of Acton, and the site was bought by the BBC.

The BBC retained the south-east corner for offices, whilst the rest of the site was later sold off for new developemnt. Part of the site at one time housed the BBC Visual Effects Department (now KJP Trading).

The main BBC Victoria Road building was also used at times as a rehearal facility for shows like Doctor Who (and has the nickname "The Acton Hilton"!). More recently it housed the costumes and wigs department, plus Children In Need and Talents Rights Group offices.

25 Jun 2010: The building is now in the process of being demolished, and the site is believed to be earmarked for flats. (src :Jon Place)

12 Nov 2010: The site is now flattened; foundations are believed to be being put in for the student flats that will be built, but progress is very slow. (src :Jon Place)

How to get here:


Underground (Central): North Acton - Exit the station and walk up to Victoria Road. The site is in front of you, to the right of the BBC Victoria Road building. +


Access: privateStatus: unrecognisableBBC Building


«prev photo next photo»Photograph taken: 3rd March 2011 by Chuck Foster

"Building work has continued on the site, with student accomodation on the way!"

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The Invasion (8)
Filmed: 9,10,12 Sep 1968
Vaughn's Factory

Spearhead from Space (2-4)
Filmed: 18-19 Sep 1969
Auto Plastics Factory

The Ambassadors of Death (1)
Filmed: 28 Jan 1970
Abandonned Warehouse


Old TCC Condensers factory shots

The InvasionScreen Shot

Spearhead from SpaceScreen Shot

The Ambassadors of DeathScreen Shot

Additional Notes:


TCC Condensers grounds - Some photos of the old factory grounds.

Where to walk to next?


KJP Trading. Walk around the block, along Victoria Road until you reach KJP Trading.


Diageo (Park Royal) (The Invasion). Follow Victoria Road west, past North Acton Station and bear left; then turn right onto Park Royal Road. Continue along here until you reach Coronation Road, and turn left (ASDA). Head along Coronation Road until you reach Diageo headquarters.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Old Oak Common Lane (Remembrance of the Daleks): 0.44 miles.


Braybrook Street (Remembrance of the Daleks): 0.53 miles.


Wulfstan Street (Remembrance of the Daleks): 0.68 miles.


BBC (Kendal Avenue) (The Evil of the Daleks): 0.72 miles.


Horn Lane (site of former TAVC) (Remembrance of the Daleks): 0.85 miles.

Further links about the location:


Acton Hilton - Site dedicated to the history of the Victoria Road premises


The Costume Store - Built on the BBC Victoria site


BBC Resources - Information on the Costume & Wig department.


Technograph - A history of TCC.


Greater London Authority - 2002 planning report for Gypsy Hill redevelopment

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