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Holiday Retirement

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Holiday Retirement
Hamadryad Road, Cardiff, Wales

Formerly known as Royal Hamadryad Hospital

The Royal Hamadryad Hospital was opened in 1897 to mark Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, replacing the Hamadryad Hospital Ship that had been in service from 1866. Originally to care for seafarers, it then became a hospital for mental illness in the 1970s. With the opening of the new St. David's Hospital in 2002, the Hamadryad was no longer in use, and has now been bought by Holiday Retirement - a firm dealing with luxury retirement homes in a number of places around the UK.

Holiday Retirement have planning consent for the grounds, but it is not clear at present whether this means they will demolish the original building or not.

How to get here:


Bus: Cardiff Buses - Stop on Clarence Road (routes 1/2/8). Walk west from the bus stop until you reach Pomeroy Street (south side), and then follow it to the end. Turn left and the retirement home is just across the street. +


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Rise of the Cybermen
Screen Shot
Filmed: 28 Nov 2005
The Reapers pull up at headquarters.


Where to walk to next?


Hunter Street (The Age of Steel, Turn Left). Hunter Street adjoins Hamadryad Street at its end (pedestrian bit), and filming was by the alleyway.


Hamadryad Road / Ferry Road (The Age of Steel). No route recorded to this location.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Pomeroy Street (The Age of Steel): 0.04 miles.


A4232 (Grangetown/Butetown Link) (Everything Changes, The Runaway Bride, Something Borrowed, The Mark of the Berserker, Planet of the Dead): 0.10 miles.


Windsor Esplanade (Greeks Bearing Gifts): 0.20 miles.


Bute Esplanade (The God Complex, The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe, Pond Life, Asylum of the Daleks, The Power Of Three): 0.23 miles.

Further links about the location:


Holiday Retirement - Official Site

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Rise of the Cybermen [28 Nov 2005]: The Reapers pull up outside headquarters.

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