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This page lists notable updates regarding locations. There is also a summary list of locations that have been updated in the last 28 days available.

location updates16th August 2008 - End of Days updates

Sorted through the missing locations from End of Days, and then decided to have another aerial search over Cardiff to see if I could work out the street used for the deaths seen after Abaddon has passed by. Scouting around other places identified I suddenly noted the green wall on Howard Gardens which was very close to Newport Road Lane where Everything Changes was filmed. Lo and behold the aerial shot matches up with trees and bushes from the screenshot, hurrah! Still need to work out the other unknown locations; I suspect the hospital is Cardiff Royal Infirmary again, but it's hard to verify!

location updates13th August 2008 - Series Four Companion

The Series Four Companion turned up through the letterbox today, which meant I was finally able to compare what we had worked out from filming and on-screen against what was in the production notes for the episodes. All-in-all we did pretty well, with very few holes in our collection. The missing locations have now been added, though identifying which scenes are which still need a little bit of work!

location updates17th May 2008 - Season Four Midpoint

Well we've reached the middle of Season Four, and now have our (becoming traditional?) break for Eurovision next weekend. In the meantime, tonight presented us with a mystery adventure to spot clues for, and also for us to spot places that were mysteriously familiar ...

The Unicorn and the Wasp Human Nature   The Unicorn and the Wasp The Lost Boy   The Unicorn and the Wasp Tooth and Claw

The other currently identified locations for the season are listed, so you can see where else it has been filmed to date (and if you know of any others not listed please let us know!).

location updates7th May 2008 - Trent Park

I've finally uploaded the photos of Trent Park, featured in the story Mawdryn Undead, taken close to the 25th anniversary of it being filmed! Unlike most locations in the database, Trent Park has been a haunt since 2001 through a regular picnic held over the August Bank Holiday - this has meant that we've been able to record the subtle changes, or in particular when Wisteria Walk was badly damaged in 2004.

For those interested in coming along, the next picnic is currently scheduled for Sunday 24th August.

location updates26th March 2007 - Photo Contributions

We welcome a new contributor to the site, Colin Francis, who has supplied photos for Cambrian Place in Cardiff. Meanwhile, Peter Faizey has just visited Tank and West of England quarries in Malvern, and nearby Wheelbarrow Castle Cottage. And I've added new photos from Bulls Bridge and the Straight in Southall.

location updates22nd March 2007 - The Visual Effects Department and Gypsy Corner

Matt Irvine has provided some information on the various moves of the Visual Effects Department, and the BBC's utilisation of the ground that used to be TCC Condensers.

On the Visual Effects Department on Western Avenue:

We are talking two different locations. When we moved out of TVC, (and our 'outpost' at Brentford), in 1977(?), we went to 250 Western Avenue, bang on the A40 at Gypsy Corner - and which is now a storage company - though none of the original buildings are still there as the whole site was raised to the ground first. (I always think that should be 'lowered to the ground'??)

When I left (1993) the Department moved round the corner to Wales Farm Road, (into the old metal-workshop). Then - not quite sure when as I wasn't there then, but possibly '97 or '98?? - moved to its final resting place which was Kendal Avenue in Park Royal. This is the long-time site for OBs, which occupied the majority of the buildings, but there was small separate complex of four units at the very end, (next to John Lewis' place), of which two Units, 3 & 4, became the FX Department. However it ceased in 2003, but Mike Tucker ran a new 'miniatures unit', literally next door in Unit 2. However that only lasted to 2005 and now he's at Ealing with his own set-up. The FX workshop space meanwhile got converted to the standing set for Waking the Dead, though I think that's a) finished and b) the lease on that site is up anyway? However those buildings are presumably still standing?

On the BBC's utilisation of Gypsy Corner:

Well it wouldn't have 'bought' it - it would have leased it - the BBC only owns a few of its buildings/site - BH, TVC, White City - the rest in the west London area are/were leased.

Re: 'North Acton', (as the overall site was generally known - ie to tie in with the tube station on the northern edge), it leased a large percentage of it - but not all.

On the southern edge, ie actually on the A40, was 250 (VisFX, and at one time also the script unit) and 252 (various production offices) Western Avenue. Moving round anti-clockwise (ie towards London) the south-east corner was Remploy. Further round - we are now in Wales Farm Road - was a warehouse building that we used for stock effects at the height of operations, (and access was available through gates at this point).

Further round the massive new Scenery Block (aka The Setting Floor - ie where scenery was built) was newly constructed, (and is now some church or another??). Further round still, the wardrobe and wig store, (now CarPhone Warehouse - well it was the last time I went past...), then the original metal workshop, (which FX moved into after 1993).

On the north-east corner the pub, (name of which clean escapes me at the moment..), then moving round to the northern side - Victoria Road - opposite the tube station - TRR - Television Rehearsal Rooms - which are now used for anything *but* rehearsals - most seemingly have been turned in to offices? (And I think costume and wigs are in there now?)

Finally on this route was the truck outlet for the Setting Floor and scenery storage.

AFAIK that was the entire BBC's leasing of the site - ie most of the western side, (also part of Victoria Road), was never BBC. However note that the whole site is completely different in layout now as there is a road through the middle of it - east-west - which by-passes the northern bit of Victoria Road with the North Acton Tube on it - mind you as I never have to go that route these days - occasionally passes by on the A40 and looking at where my office was - there could be other changes?

With thanks to Mitchell Sandler

location updates13th March 2007 - Uploaded Photos

Photos have now been uploaded for trips from the last week or so:

Also, a number of locations have changed name where updates have been made; all should work okay but if you find any that don't load please let us know.

location updates1st March 2007 - New Contributions

I am pleased to welcome Peter Faizey on board as a contributor of location photographs! He has kindly provided photos for Reed College, River Severn, Sringwell Quarry, Wood Norton, and Worsham Quarry.

location updates24th February 2007 - Demolished site updates

A number of sites that have been demolished have now been updated this week: the site of Greenwich Gasworks in North Greenwich; the former Guinness Factory in Park Royal, the ex-scrapyard in Birkbeck Road, ex-Territorial Army centre on Horn Lane, plus Engineer's Way and Third Way in Wembley.

Other recent updates include: the Old Royal Naval College, National Maritime Museum, and Cutty Sark in Greenwich; the BBC OB deport in Kendal Avenue. Older archive photos from 2002 finally added for: a whole host of sites on the Isle of Wight; Remembrance-related photos for Willesden Lane Cemetary and Kew Bridge Steam Museum.

Also, various directions and other information added for a number of places; see the location listings for relevant icons.

location updates31st January 2007 - South Kent/East Sussex locations added

Photos have now been uploaded for a few locations in the south-east: St. Lawrence's Church in Hawkhurst doubled up as St. Jude's in The Curse of Fenric; Bodiam Castle featured as medieval Fitzwilliam Castle in in The King's Demons; Camber Sands featured as the barren Aridius and the Valeyard's trap for the Doctor in Trial of a Timelord; and finally the wilds of Dungeness and nearby locales from The Claws of Axos.

location updates8th January 2007 - John's Hole Quarry

Richard Bignell has been able to provide the correct location for John's Hole Quarry, used in The Dalek Invasion of Earth.

location updates23rd October 2006 - Invasion of the Dinosaurs locations

Many of the location photos for Invasion of the Dinosaurs have now been uploaded, mainly from September 2003 visits. For Kingston-Upon-Thames: The Bittoms, South Lane, the former Sorting Office, Palmer Crescent, Canbury Gardens, Lower Ham Road, Wilmer Close, Parkfields Road, and Riverside Drive in Ham. Within London, there are Long Lane, Lindsey Street, Moorfields, New Union Street, and Fore Street; In Southall, The Straight, and White Street.

Also, from the same year within the Richmond area: Ham Polo Club and Cambridge Park in Twickenham.

location updates20th October 2006 - Location information updates

I am continuing to update where locations are and how to get to them (quite a lengthy job) - keep an eye on the icons by the side of locations in the listings to see what has been updated recently. This also includes the (slow!) uploading of the location photos I have, too!

The tour functionality is still in development, which I hope to release in the next few weeks; this is related to the route information that is on many location pages where you'll be able to "store" the directions for summarising and printing off when planning a journey.

location updates15th October 2006 - Studio Locations Update

I have now updated studio information for stories onto the site; these will come up as a separate section at the bottom of the locations list. However, totally studio-bound stories are not currently listed in the Stories Listings section, as I thought this might be a little too cluttered considering this site is for finding locations and not studio sets that no longer exist! I am aiming to provide a more comprehensive list separately in the near future.

location updates6th October 2006 - Photo upload roundup

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