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Old Brewer's Yard

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Old Brewer's Yard
Shelton Street, London, WC2H 9PU

During the 1960s the yard was owned by the grocers TJ Poupart Ltd; these days it plays hosts to businesses like The Hat Factory, and a number of flat for rental.

How to get here:


Underground (Piccadilly): Covent Garden - Exit the station onto Long Acre, and cross the road to Neal Street; when you reach Shelton Street at the end of the pedestrianised walk, turn left and Brewer's Yard is just on the left. +


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«prev photo next photo»Photograph taken: 15th September 2010 by Chuck Foster

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The Web of Fear (4)
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Filmed: 17 Dec 1967
Yeti attack the Brigadier's unit ...


Additional Notes:


The yard has been redeveloped, making it look a bit different from filming.

Where to walk to next?


Shelton Street (The Web of Fear). Shelton Street is directly outside Old Brewer's Yard.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Royal Opera House (The War Machines): 0.14 miles.


Covent Garden Market (The War Machines, Invasion of the Dinosaurs): 0.15 miles.


Great Queen Street (The War Machines): 0.25 miles.


John Adam Street (Aliens of London, World War Three): 0.32 miles.


Tottenham Court Road (The War Machines): 0.38 miles.

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