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Locations: Recent Changes

This is a list of alterations to location entries that have taken place in the last 28 days. Changes can include new details, links and directions as well as photographs that have been added for reference - the newest photos can be seen here, and filming photos here (spoilers!).

12th January 2013:

Sierra Nevada National Park: Carretera de Jaen, Granada, Spain. [New Location]

Main Street: New York. [New Location]

Battery Maritime Building: Governor's Island Ferry Terminal, South Street, New York Street. The Battery-Maritime Building was designed by Walker and Morris and was built in 1909 to act as a ferry terminal, twinned with the Staten Island Terminal. [New Location]

Asylum of the Daleks: Institute for Advanced Studies - Photo Shoot / Dressing Room (filmed 7 Apr 2012) [Story Location]

11th January 2013:

The Power Of Three: Coedarhydyglyn - Brian's Study / The Savoy (filmed 4 May 2012) [Story Location]

Holiday Inn: 120-124 Kings Street, Hammersmith, London. [New Location]

Apprentice Studio: London. The Apprentice boardroom scenes are recorded in a special studio environment in London. [New Location]

Oasys Parque Temático: Tabernas Desert - Photos of the desert and Fort Apache. [Notable photographs of the location]

10th January 2013:

Doctor Who Series Eight: Potential filming suggested by Craig Rogers at his father's place of work: Dad just said that Doctor Who may be filming the 50th anniversary in his works and I may be able to be an extra. Life = MADE.« @givernybee Deadly serious! There's something like a 1 in 9 chance they'll film there though, they have before.« [Production Notes]

2nd January 2013:

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre: BBC News - Video: "Pensioners restore rare WWII bomber" [In the News]

20th December 2012:

Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre: BBC News - "Just Jane: Third Lancaster bomber 'could fly soon'" [In the News]

17th December 2012:

The Queens Walk: Holy Moly! - "40 lovely pics of Matt Smith and Janna-Louise Coleman filming Doctor Who on a motorbike" [In the News]


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