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Sophia Gardens

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51°28'57"-03°11'18" show decimal

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Sophia Gardens


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Photograph taken: 2nd December 2008 by Scott Frankton

Turn Left
Screen Shot
Filmed: 6 Dec 2007
Rose talks to Donna about her importance.


Additional locations as the crow flies:


Mark Street (The Doctor's Daughter): 0.18 miles.


The Miller's Tavern (To The Last Man): 0.19 miles.


Bute Park (Daleks in Manhattan, From Out Of The Rain, Adrift, Fragments, Exit Wounds, The End of Time, The Time of Angels, Doctor Who Series Six): 0.22 miles.


Brook Street (Day One, The Stolen Earth): 0.23 miles.


Talbot Place (Adam, Children of Earth: Day Two): 0.23 miles.


Riverside (The Runaway Bride): 0.24 miles.

Production Notes:


The Sophia Gardens car park is often used by the production crew as a unit base for filming in Cardiff.

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Turn Left [6 Dec 2007, 18 Jan 2008]: Donna talks to Rose in a park/"Bad Wolf" pickups

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