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St. Peter's Steps

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St. Peter's Steps
London, EC4

St. Peter's Steps form a pedestrian walkway leading up from the Thames to St. Paul's Cathedral, and also allow a clear view of the cathedral from across the Millennium Bridge.

How to get here:


Underground (District/Circle)/Rail: Blackfriars - Exit the station and walk along Queen Victoria Street; St. Peter's Steps are just past the College of Arms. +


Bus: St. Paul's Bus Map - The location is at stop SK. +


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«prev photo next photo»Photograph taken: 24th September 2009 by Chuck Foster

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The Invasion (6)
Screen Shot
Screen Shot
Filmed: 8 Sep 1969
The Cybermen march down from St. Paul's as their invasion of London begins!


Additional Notes:


The steps were redeveloped during the 1990s, providing a more disabled-friendly route from Queen Victoria Street to St. Paul's Cathedral; the surrounding office blocks were also extensively rebuilt around the same time.

Where to walk to next?


Queen Victoria Street (The Invasion). Queen Victoria Street is at the bottom end of the steps.


Knightrider Street (The Invasion). Knightrider Street is situated to the left of St. Peter's Steps as you look towards St. Paul's Cathedral.


Distaff Lane (The Invasion). Distaff Lane is situated to the right of St. Peter's Steps as you look towards St. Paul's Cathedral.


Ludgate Hill (The Invasion). Walk along St. Peter's Steps to St. Paul's Cathedral, then turn left into St. Paul's Churchyard; this leads into Ludgate Hill.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


St. Paul's Cathedral (The Web of Fear): 0.08 miles.


Watling Street (An Unearthly Child): 0.11 miles.

In the News:


24 Nov 2010: Daily Mail - "Quick, to the Tardis! Doctor Who's Cybermen invade London" (Reenactment of the Cybermen march from The Invasion as part of promotion for the Doctor Who Experience)

General Details:


St. Paul's Cathedral was built by Sir Christopher Wren between 1675 and 1710; the great Dome visible from St. Peter's Steps was inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in Rome.

Further links about the location:


Official St. Paul's Cathedral Website

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