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Vaynor Quarry

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51°46'32"-03°23'40" show decimal

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Vaynor Quarry
Trefechan, Merthyr Tydfil, Mid-Glamorgan, CF48 2LA

The quarry was opened in 1847 to provide limestone to the Cyfartha Works. It is now part of Hanson's Aggregates.

How to get here:


Road: A465 - Follow the A465 to Cefn-Coed-y-Cymmer, then exit onto the A4054 [West: follow Lower Vaynor Road and then turn right. East: follow Grawen Lane and turn left.] Turn into Vaynor Road (east side) and then follow it through Trefechan. The quarry will be on the right. (1.1 miles, 2m) +

Parking Details


This location is private and has no or limited access only.

Other nearby locations:


Morlais (The Fires of Pompeii). Road (1.1 miles, 1m) : Follow the road north and after some bends it bears southeast and just past a housing estate reaches a gate on the left, opposite a road junction. Parking Uncertain; there is car park further along the road, or it may be possible to park in the housing estate near to the entrance. The current parking coordinates point to the gate near the quarry.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Cyfarthfa Castle (Let's Kill Hitler): 1.33 miles.


Old Town Hall (Captain Jack Harkness): 2.08 miles.


Baverstock Hotel (The Runaway Bride): 2.46 miles.


Gethin Woods (The Doctor, The Widow And The Wardrobe): 2.89 miles.


Trefil Quarry (Planet of the Ood, The Temptation of Sarah Jane, Enemy of the Bane): 3.92 miles.

Notable photos/media relating to the location:


Alan and Geoff's Old Merthyr Tydfil - Photos of the quarry in use.

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