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Warmwell Quarry

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Warmwell Quarry
Warmwell, Dorset, DT2 8HU

Warmwell Quarry is owned by Cemex UK Materials Ltd, acquired from RMC Group (Ready Mixed Concrete) in 2005. It is now used as a landfill site.

How to get here:


Road: A35 - Exit the A35 near Tolpuddle (B3390), and then head south, passing through Affpuddle and eventually arriving at Crossways. Continue along the B3390 (Warmwell Road), until you reach The Scotton Way on the left; stay on Warmwell Road and the unnamed quarry road is three right turnings further along. Parking: unknown. +

This location is private and has no or limited access only.


Access: privateStatus: unknownQuarry Entrance


Photograph taken: 17th September 2006 by Chuck Foster

"Unsurprisingly the quarry is private, so there isn't any access to see how it looks now. However, as it is now a landfill site no doubt it is changing quite rapidly!"

Survival (2)
Screen Shot
Filmed: 18-23 Jun 1988
The Cheetah Planet.


Other nearby locations:


Lulworth Cove (The Curse of Fenric). Road (10.1 miles, 30m) : Follow the B3390 southeast through Warmwell village, until you reach the main roundabout with the A352. Turn left and follow it until you reach Wool, then join the B3071 and follow it to West Lulworth. Parking: Heritage Centre, minimum 2.50 for 2 hours.


Athelhampton House (The Seeds of Doom). No route recorded to this location.


Stanton Court (Ghostlight). Road (8.5 miles, 18m) : Follow the B3390 southeast through Warmwell village, until you reach the main roundabout with the A353. Follow this towards Weymouth, keeping to the coastal road. It becomes Greenhill as you pass the seafront gardens, and number 11 is at the far end, just before the one-way system. Parking: double-yellow lines.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Masters Pit (The Caves of Androzani): 7.16 miles.


Hanson's Aggregates (Binnegar Plain quarry) (Death to the Daleks): 7.54 miles.


Binnegar Heath Sand Pit (Destiny of the Daleks): 8.09 miles.

Further links about the location:


Cemex - Official website

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