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White Plains

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White Plains
Tilehouse Lane, Denham

White Plains is a residential home for the elderley near to the southern side of Denham Aerodrome.


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The Reign of Terror (2)
Screen Shot
Filmed: 15 Jun 1964
The Doctor walks along a poplar-lined avenue.


Additional Notes:


The "avenue" is the driveway into the residential home, to the south off a small lane from Tilehouse Lane.

Where to walk to next?


Tilehouse Lane (The Five Doctors). No route recorded to this location.

Additional locations as the crow flies:


Denham Aerodrome (Fury from the Deep, The Invasion): 0.42 miles.


Denham Manor (The Five Doctors, The Three Doctors): 0.57 miles.


Amersham Road (A413) (Logopolis): 1.15 miles.


Isle of Wight Farm (The Reign of Terror): 1.15 miles.


Black Jack's Mill (Silver Nemesis): 1.33 miles.

Production Notes:


Timothy Combe (production assistant): "I travelled miles trying to find those poplar trees. I had a hell of a job! Every now and then you'd find some poplars, but in the time of the French Revolution you couldn't have them going along a road. So I managed to find some located alongside a track adn we shot the Doctor walking along." (src :On Location © Richard Bignell)


This was the first location to feature in Doctor Who; the part of the Doctor was actually played by Brian Proudfoot, as William Hartnell was unavailable due to rehearsals.

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The Reign of Terror [15 Jun 1964]: The Doctor walks down a French boulevard.

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