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This section of the site presents the locations grouped by the stories in which they featured, listing when filming took place and how they were used in context to the plot.

The various sections list the stories under each season of the series, and clicking on the stories will provide details on the individual locations used for it; it is also possible to see a season overview where applicable.

Story Information

The story listings break the locations down into sections, listing where and when filming took place with a brief summary of how it was used, plus details on related places seen on screen for which there wasn't any specific filming (eg. footage from elsewhere or photos etc.), and those that were filmed (or planned) and subsequently unused. If there are any locations that we currently have been unable to identify, these are also listed (and if you know where they are please let us know!).

A summary of studio use is also listed for completeness (though probably not too relevant to us location hunters!); this may also include some locations where additional nondescript filming took place (eg. closeups for pickup shots).

We are also working on synopses for the stories; these are designed to provide a brief account of the story, indicating the locations used as the plot unfolds. These aren't meant to be a definitive plotline, and might not follow strict order as broadcast as we link associated locations together - the Doctor Who Guide provides an excellent comprehensive synopsis, which we have a link for on the page.

At the bottom of the page will be any production notes that are relevant to the locations, and lists of publications and other websites for further reference on filming for the story in question.

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