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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

13 episodes, broadcast: 23rd November 2013
Filming locations for the 50th Anniversary special.

Locations filmed for the story:
Ivy Tower
Filmed: 2 Apr 2013 Album

50th Anniversary Special
Gelligaer Common
Fochriiw, Merthyr
Filmed: 4 Apr 2013 Album

50th Anniversary Special
Tower of London
Filmed: 8 Apr 2013 Album

50th Anniversary Special
In Studio:
»BBC Studios (Roath Lock), Cardiff Bay (2013)

Production Notes


5 Apr 2013: BBC Tony Hall blog - BBC DG visits the set of Doctor Who!


4 Apr 2013: BBC News - Report on the BAFTA awards, also mentioning John Hurt: "Hurt revealed he had come to the event from filming Doctor Who, for its 50th anniversary, in Cardiff."


3 Apr 2013: There were reports of filming in the Merthyr/Tredegar area, though nothing was confirmed in the end.


9 Mar 2013: Potential filming on Ogmore Beach reported: Can't believe #DrWho is filming right now on #Ogmore beach! Such a random place to bump into #MattSmith in the dark! Lol«


10 Jan 2013: Potential filming suggested by Craig Rogers at his father's place of work: Dad just said that Doctor Who may be filming the 50th anniversary in his works and I may be able to be an extra. Life = MADE.« @givernybee Deadly serious! There's something like a 1 in 9 chance they'll film there though, they have before.«

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