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The Forest of the Dead

1 episode, broadcast: 7th June 2008
While the Doctor and Professor Song's expedition battle their way through the Library , Donna finds herself recovering at a hospital . Later, she meets Lee during fishing , they get married , move into their home , and have twins . Later, she receives a message from a mysterious veiled lady at home , and meets her in the local park ; its Evangelista, who then explains exactly what is going on ...
Meanwhile, at home Cal is losing control and in the Library the Doctor reaches the Library Core and negotiates a truce with the Vashta Nerada . He decides to link his mind to the Core in order to fix Cal and restore the 'saved' people back to the Library but Song takes his place instead. Lux is jubilant to see everybody back in the Library, and after everyone has left the Doctor snaps his fingers and departs in the TARDIS .

Locations filmed for the story:
Hensol Castle
Filmed: 15 Jan 2008

Donna and Lee's rooms/The riverside
Victoria Park
Canton, Cardiff
Filmed: 16,21 Jan 2008

Donna meets the veiled lady in a park.
Crwys Medical Centre
Filmed: 16 Jan 2008

Donna has twins (photo)
St Catherines
Kings Road, Cardiff
Filmed: 16 Jan 2008

Donna's wedding (photo)
Palace Road (No 42)
Canton, Cardiff
Filmed: 16-19,21 Jan 2008

Cal's house
Palace Road (No 38)
Canton, Cardiff
Filmed: 17-19 Jan 2008

Donna and Lee's house
Palace Road
Canton, Cardiff
Filmed: 17 Jan 2008

The veiled lady on the street
Dyffryn Gardens (Front)
St. Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan
Filmed: 22 Jan 2008

The hospital
Dyffryn House
St. Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan
Filmed: 22 Jan 2008

The hospital/Donna's children's bedroom
Brangwyn Hall
Filmed: 28 Jan, 13 Feb 2008

The Library Entrance/Hall
Filmed: 29-30 Jan 2008

The Library Core
Central Library
Filmed: 6-8,11-12 Feb 2008

The Library
In Studio:
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (23-25 Jan, 14 Feb, 19-20 Mar 2008)

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