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Journey's End

1 episode, broadcast: 5th July 2008
On Earth, Sarah is saved from extermination by the arrival of Mickey and Jackie , and they then head off to find the Doctor. They arrive just in time to see the TARDIS transferred to the Crucible , and so surrender to the Daleks in order to be taken on board . Meanwhile Martha says goodbye to Francine and beams to the UNIT base in Germany in order to use the Osterhagen Key.
The Reality Bomb is tested on the Crucible , and then as it is reset to destroy the whole of reality Wilf and Sylvia watch the Dalek ships leave Earth .
The DoctorDonna save the day(!), and celebrations take place on Earth, including Wilf and Sylvia at home and Francine outside her house . The Doctor returns Jack, Sarah and Mickey to Earth , and then drops Rose, Jackie and his other self off at Bad Wolf Bay in the parallel universe . Finally, he returns a 'dead' Donna back home, and Wilf says goodbye to the 'lonely Doctor' .

Locations filmed for the story:
Nant-Fawr Road
Filmed: 27-28 Feb 2008

Outside Wilf's
Southerndown Beach
Ogmore Vale, Bridgend
Filmed: 5 Mar 2008

The Doctor drops off Rose and new family back at Bad Wolf Bay
Hawthorn Road (outside no 18)
Filmed: 12 Mar 2008

Wilf and Sylvia watch the Dalek ships leave Earth.
High Street
Filmed: 13 Mar 2008

The TARDIS is transferred to the Crucible.
Arcot Street
Filmed: 13 Mar 2008

Sarah-Jane, Mickey and Jackie surrender to the Daleks
Castell Coch
Filmed: 14,18 Mar 2008

UNIT Germany
Mir Steel
(formerly Alpha Steel)
Filmed: 17 Mar 2008

Inside the Crucible
Morgan Jones Park
Filmed: 19 Mar 2008 Album

The Doctor drops his friends back on Earth
Cwrt-y-Vil Road
Filmed: 25-26 Mar 2008

Martha says goodbye to Francine
Robinswood Crescent
Filmed: 25 Mar 2008

Sarah's car is stopped by a Dalek patrol.
In Studio:
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (18-22,25,28-29 Feb, 3-4,6-7,10-11,20-21,24,27-29 Mar, 1 May 2008)

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DWM: The Series Four Companion: Production Journal (p126-145)

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