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Miracle Day

10 episodes, broadcast: from July 2011
Details for known locations in episodes appear seperately for The New World.

Locations filmed for the story:
Los Angeles
Filmed: 10-14,17-20 Jan 2011

Filming for the story is throughout the city, exact places will be listed separately
Whitmore Bay
Barry Island
Filmed: 7 Feb 2011

Flower Street Garage
Los Angeles, USA
Filmed: 1 Mar 2011

Filming 06:00-14:00
Willow Studios
Los Angeles, California
Filmed: 5 Mar 2011

Filming 06:00-22:00 - could be just P.R. photoshoot
The Yard
Los Angeles, California
Filmed: 10 Mar 2011

Thought at time, but might actually be Willow Studios
Alexandria Hotel
Los Angeles, USA
Filmed: 23 Mar 2011
Willow Studios
Los Angeles, California
Filmed: 30 Mar - 1 Apr 2011
BASF Corporation
Los Angeles, California
Filmed: 1 Apr 2011
Los Angeles, USA
Filmed: 7 Apr 2011
Iverson Road
Chatsworth, USA
Filmed: 11,12,15 Apr 2011
Arcade Building
Los Angeles, USA
Filmed: 6 May 2011
In Studio:
»Warner Bros Studios, 3400 Riverside Drive, Burbank, California, 91522 (Jan-Mar 2011)

Production Notes


6 May 2011: As well as Arcade Building, it was reported that an alleyway was used west of Spring Street, between 5th and 6th Street.


15 Apr 2011: Reports of filming at Iverson Road on the 11th and 15th, with a photo taken on-set on the 12th indicating filming there, too. Santa Sussanna Road has also been mentioned for the Friday.


31 Mar 2011: Cris D'Annunzio - "I may be able to hear the game as our Torchwood set is on location today next to Dodger's Stadium. Or at least hear the crowd."


30 Mar 2011: Filming 30 Mar - 1 Apr was listed as "1335 Willow Street", and Willow Studios is listed as 1333-5, so it seems likely that filming is taking place there rather than at The Yard martial arts club (1335)!


15 Mar 2011: Filming reported at Angels Gate Park covers several days under "Bad Wolf": 15th 5am-10pm, 16th 7am-Midnight, 17th 9am-4am, 18th 9am-5am, 21st 5am-10pm, 22nd 6am-8pm.


10 Mar 2011: Two other unknown locations appeared to be used over the course of the day, one involving a street and another with a car breakers yard.


5 Mar 2011: Filming reported at Willow Studios may actually have just been used for the publicity photo shoot for the series.


3 Feb 2011: Production in Los Angeles continued at Los Angeles City Hall, filed under the production name Bad Wolf Productions, LLC!

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