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The Nightmare Man

2 episodes, broadcast: 11-12 Oct 2010 (CBBC/BBCHD), 12-14 Oct 2010 (BBC2)
As the gang see off an errant Slitheen, Luke tells Sarah-Jane that he hopes to go to Oxford a year early . The following year he celebrates receiving excellent grades .
Start of term: Luke watches Rani heading off to school . Rani and Clyde discuss Luke no longer being with them on the way to school . Later in the week Rani admonishes Clyde for avoiding Luke , but neither know of the nightmares that Luke has been having of his mum being pleased to see him go and creepy school corridors . Clyde arranges a party at school for Luke , but he is confronted by the Nightmare Man as he drifts to sleep, and later he has a further nightmare of being replaced in the team . On his final evening at home they celebrate, but as they fall to sleep the Nightmare Man finally breaks out of Luke's nightmares into reality!
As the Nightmare Man strengthens, Rani and Clyde are drawn into their own nightmares, Rani at home and then pulled through the television into a BBC News Studio, whilst Clyde discovers himself in a cafe serving an ancient Sarah Jane! . Meanwhile, Luke finds himself stuck in the creepy school corridors , but ultimately with K9's assistance he is able to brings the others together to disrupt the Nightmare Man's plans in the street . He returns to the Attic, but is beaten by the gang and ends up trapped in the cafe from Clyde's nightmare!
Finally, Luke makes his goodbyes and heads off to university ... with K9!

Locations filmed for the story:
Clinton Road
Filmed: 5-6 Apr 2010 Album Album

Bannerman Road
No 21 Clinton Road
Filmed: 2,5-6 Apr 2010 Album

Sarah Jane's house
Cardiff High School
Filmed: 1,6 Apr 2010

The school
Salisbury Avenue
Filmed: 13 Apr 2010

Clyde and Rani on their way to school
Mamhilad Park Industrial Estate (Dupont Building)
Pontypool, Wales
Filmed: 15,19-20 Apr 2010 Album

The Slitheen Bomb
Paget Road, Barry Island
Filmed: 21 Apr 2010

Clyde's nightmare
In Studio:
»BBC Studios (Studio 1), Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (29-31 Mar 2010)
»BBC Studios (Studio 4), Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (22 Apr 2010)
»BBC Studios (Studio 6), Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (23 Apr 2010)

Production Notes


Several days were spent filming at Clinton Road and No 21 Clinton Road for Block One; the 5th and 6th April were definitely for this story, with scenes captured of the Nightmare Man and Luke's departure at the end of the story.


Filming was reported to have taken place around Archer Road on both the 6th and 12th April; transmission has confirmed that the scene with Clyde and Rani walking to school was on Salisbury Avenue, so it seems likely that it is one of those two days, though filming was also reported on nearby Victoria Square for The Vault Of Secrets!

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