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Partners in Crime

1 episode, broadcast: 5th April 2008
The Doctor and Donna make their way independent to Adipose Industries , with Donna arriving at front and the Doctor at the back - he uses his psychic paper to get past the guard . After watching a presentation by Miss Foster they then track down Adipose customers in the office , still unaware of each others' investigations!
That evening Donna visits Stacey whilst the Doctor visits Roger . Donna inadvertently sets off the Adipose cycle early, alerting Miss Foster who sends out a team to recover it . The Doctor uses a detector to try and find the signal source and he and the Doctor miss each other again as they try to track down the adipose . Donna heads home and gets an earful from her mother Sylvia , before deciding to head up 'the hill' to visit her grandfather Wilf at his allotment .
The following day Donna hides in Adipose Industries loos as the Doctor hides downstairs. That evening both sneak about and listen in as Miss Foster interogates the reporter Penny . They see each other and then have to escape over the roof as Miss Foster attempts to capture them .
As the Doctor attempts to stop her at a computer panel Miss Foster activates the signal for the adipose children to be 'born'. Sylvia is on a night out with her friends as they come to life, and people look on in amazement as the adipose children make their way through the streets . The adipose gather outside Adipose Industries and are then beamed up to their parent ships, with Miss Foster unfortunately killed as she is no longer needed .
The Doctor discovers that Donna is packed and ready to journey with him! She heads off with the car keys leaving him to load the TARDIS while she drops them into a bin and tells a blonde woman to let her mother know where they are . She waves goodbye to Wilf from the TARDIS as she heads off for adventure ...

Locations filmed for the story:
Stallcourt Avenue
Roath, Cardiff
Filmed: 4 Oct 2007

The Doctor and Donna lose track of the adipose, neither realising each other is there!
23 Waterloo Gardens
Roath, Cardiff
Filmed: 4 Oct, 19 Nov 2007 Album

Stacey's House
Glyn Rhymni
Filmed: 5 Oct 2007

The Doctor chats to Roger about the burglar alarm going off.
Newport Road
Filmed: 5 Oct 2007

Adipose Industries van enroute to Stacey's
Grangemoor Park
Filmed: 8 Oct 2007

Donna walks up "the hill" to Wilf's allotment.
Odeon Cinema
Filmed: 8 Oct 2007

Miss Foster gives a presentation on the adipose diet
Helmont House
Churchill Way, Cardiff
Filmed: 9-10 Oct 2007

Adipose Industries (roof/outside)
Dominion House (6th Floor (south))
Filmed: 11-12 Oct 2007

Miss Foster's office
Picture Financial Group
Filmed: 13 Oct 2007

Adipose Industries (office)
Millennium Stadium
Filmed: 15 Oct 2007

The Doctor enters Adipose along a corridor.
Charles Street
Filmed: 16 Oct 2007

The adipose wander the streets.
Churchill Way
Filmed: 18 Oct 2007

Outside Adipose
Landmark Place
Churchill Way, Cardiff
Filmed: 18 Oct 2007

Outside Adipose
Nant-Fawr Road
Filmed: 17 Oct, 20 Nov 2007

Donna's home.
Tiger Tiger (Toilets)
The Friary, Cardiff
Filmed: 23 Oct 2007

Donna hides in the toilet at Adipose Industries.
Fat Cat Cafe
Greyfriars, Cardiff
Filmed: 23 Oct 2007

Sylvia meets Suzette at a bar.
Havelock Street (alley) (Alley)
Filmed: 19-20 Nov 2007

Donna parks her car and the TARDIS materialises nearby.
Lady Mary Allotments
Roath Park, Cardiff
Filmed: 27 Nov 2007

At Wilf's allotment.
Franklen Road
Filmed: 29 Nov 2007

Donna asks a blonde woman to tell her mum about the keys ...
Locations featuring in deleted scenes for the story:
Crockherbtown Lane
Filmed: 17 Oct 2007

Original TARDIS landing site.
Locations unused in the story:
1 Kingsway
Filmed: (deferred 18 Oct 2007)

Adipose Foyer
Unknown locations - if you know where these are please let us know!
Filmed: unknown

The Adipose recovery vehicle heads off from base.
In Studio:
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (16,19,20 Oct, 18 Dec 2007)

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