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Prisoner of the Judoon

2 episodes, broadcast: expected 15-16 Oct 2009

Locations filmed for the story:
(list currently incomplete)
Office Building
St Mellons
Filmed: 21 Apr 2009 Album

Clinton Road
Filmed: 2009

Bannerman Road
No 21 Clinton Road
Filmed: 2009

Sarah Jane's house
Chichester Road
Billy Banks Estate, Penarth
Filmed: 2009

Judoon crash site at the abandoned estate
Royal Close
Royal Close, Penarth
Filmed: 2009

The Judoon requisitions the police car
High Street
Filmed: 2009

The Judoon tells a driver to turn his music down
All Saints Church (Hall)
Filmed: 2009

Inside the hall
School of Biosciences
Cardiff University
Filmed: 27 Apr 2009 Album

Labs inside Genetec
In Studio:
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (2009)

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