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Rise of the Cybermen

1 episode, broadcast: 13th May 2006

Locations filmed for the story:
Albert Embankment (Lambeth Pier)
Filmed: 1 Nov 2005

The TARDIS materialises on an alternative Earth ...
Tal-y-Garn Manor
Filmed: 3 Nov 2005

Preacher's base.
The Port Of Cardiff (Roath Dock)
Cardiff Docks, Wales
Filmed: 4 Nov 2005

Homeless people are "recruited" to the cause.
The Riverfront
Filmed: 8,16 Nov 2005

The Embankment
Sanatorium Road
Grangetown, Cardiff
Filmed: 15 Nov 2005

Mickey passes through an army curfew on the way to his grandmother's.
Magor Brewery
Wilcrick, Bridgend
Filmed: 11 Jan 2006

The Cyberconversion factory floor.
St. Nicholas, Cardiff
Filmed: 17-18,21-24 Nov 2005

The Tyler Residence
Cardiff Heliport
Filmed: 24 Nov 2005

The President meets Lumic's zeppelin.
Unit G12
Bridge Road, Trefforest
Filmed: 25-26 Nov 2005

The Cyber Factory and Control Centre
Compton Street
Grangetown, Cardiff
Filmed: 28 Nov 2005

Mickey is grabbed and bundled into a van outside his grandmother's.
Holiday Retirement
(formerly Royal Hamadryad Hospital)
Filmed: 28 Nov 2005

The Reapers pull up outside headquarters.
Mount Stuart Square
Cardiff Bay
Filmed: 7 Jan 2006

People pause in the street as they receive the latest "download" ...
Gwinnutt Ltd Electrical Engineers
Foreshore Road, Cardiff
Filmed: 18 Feb 2006

Industrial area.
Other locations appearing in the story:
Battersea Power Station
Filmed: 1 Nov 2005

Lumic's Base (plate shot)
Unverified Locations referenced as being used for filming:
Thames House
Millbank, London
Filmed: 1 Nov 2005
In Studio:
»Unit Q2, Imperial Park, Imperial Way, Newport, NP10 8UH (7 Nov, 15-16 Dec 2005, 18,22 Feb 2006)

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