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The Runaway Bride

1 episode, broadcast: 25th December 2006

Locations filmed for the story:
Thames Barrier
Woolwich, London
Filmed: 4 Jul 2006

Shots of the Thames Barrier
Great West Road
Filmed: 5 Jul 2006

The taxi is going the wrong way!
M4 (Chiswick)
Filmed: 5 Jul 2006

Donna's taxi joins the motorway.
International Press Centre
Shoe Lane, London
Filmed: 6 Jul 2006

The TARDIS materialises on a roof high above the London skyline.
Newport Docks Impounding Station
Filmed: 11 Jul 2006

The Empress of Racnoss's Chamber
Capital Waterside, Cardiff
Filmed: 11 Jul 2006

HC Clements
Waterguard Pub
Harbour Drive, Cardiff
Filmed: 11 Jul 2006

Donna with Lance
Filmed: 11 Jul 2006

Street scenes
Baverstock Hotel
Merthyr Tydfil
Filmed: 12-13 Jul 2006

The wedding reception (interior)
St John's Church
St John's Street, Cardiff
Filmed: 14 Jul 2006

The wedding service gets interrupted ...
A4232 (Grangetown/Butetown Link)
Filmed: 15-16 July 2006

The TARDIS chases Donna's taxi along the motorway.
West Point Industrial Estate
Filmed: 16 Jul 2006

Donna tells the taxi driver to stop.
New Country House Hotel
Filmed: 18 Jul 2006

The wedding reception (exterior)
Westgate Street
Filmed: 19 Jul 2006

Lance and Donna in street
Millennium Stadium
Filmed: 19 Jul 2006

The underground corridors of Torchwood
Usk Valley Business Park
Pontypool, Wales
Filmed: 20-22 Jul 2006

The Huon Particle Laboratory
St Mary's Street
Filmed: 24-25 Jul 2006

Donna and the Doctor in town.
High Street
Filmed: 25 Jul 2006

A tank maneuvers into position.
Wharton Street
Filmed: 24 Jul 2006

The Doctor "draws" some money from a cashpoint.
Churchill House (yard) (Yard)
Filmed: 25 Jul 2006

The Doctor gets Donna back to London.
Princes Avenue
Filmed: 26 Jul 2006

Back at Donna's house
Newport Docks Impounding Station
Filmed: 28,31 Jul, 1-2 Aug 2006

The Underground Base
Locations featuring in deleted scenes for the story:
Victoria Park Road East
Canton, Cardiff
Filmed: 3 Aug 2006

Donna drives to HC Clements
In Studio:
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (7-8,26-27 Jul, 3 Aug, 19 Oct 2006)

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