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Silver Nemesis

3 episodes, broadcast: 23 Nov - 7 Dec 1988

Locations filmed for the story:
Greenwich Peninsula
(formerly Greenwich Gasworks)
Tunnel Avenue, North Greenwich
Filmed: 22-24 Jun 1988

Nemesis crash/launch site
Arundel Park
(formerly Arundel Estate)
Arundel, West Sussex
Filmed: 26,28-30 Jun 1988

The Windsor Estate
Arundel Castle
Arundel, West Sussex
Filmed: 27 Jun 1988

Windsor Castle
High Street / Tarrant Street
Arundel, West Sussex
Filmed: 30 Jun 1988

Windsor streets
London Road
Arundel, West Sussex
Filmed: 30 Jun 1988

Windsor streets
St Mary's House and Gardens
The Street, Bramber, West Sussex
Filmed: 1 Jul 1988

Lady Peinforte's house
Casa Del Mar
Aldsworth Avenue, Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex
Filmed: 2 Jul 1988

The De Flores residence
Black Jack's Mill
Harefield, Middlesex
Filmed: 5 Jul 1988

The Doctor and Ace at a pub
Other locations appearing in the story:
Windsor Castle
Filmed: stock

Establishing shot of the Castle

Articles relating to the story


Restoration Team Article - Article on the DVD release of the story alongsideRevenge of the Cybermen (#78, 9 Aug 2010)

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