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Stories: The Sarah Jane Adventures

The Sarah Jane Adventures
»Invasion of the Bane
Series One
»Revenge of the Slitheen
»Eye of the Gorgon
»Warriors of Kudlak
»Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?
»The Lost Boy
Series Two
»The Last Sontaran
»Day of the Clown
»Secrets of the Stars
»The Mark Of The Berserker
»The Temptation of Sarah Jane
»Enemy of the Bane
»K9 & Company
Series Three
»Prisoner of the Judoon
»The Mad Woman in the Attic
»The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith
»The Eternity Trap
»Mona Lisa's Revenge
»The Gift
Series Four
»The Nightmare Man
»The Vault Of Secrets
»Death Of The Doctor
»The Empty Planet
»Lost In Time
»Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith
Series Five
»The Curse of Clyde Langer
»The Man Who Wasn't There

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