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The Smugglers

4 episodes, broadcast: 10 Sep - 1 Oct 1966
The TARDIS materialises in a cave, and the travellers make their way off the beach up the cliffs . They arrive at a church and are directed to a nearby village inn . What they don't realise is they've stumbled upon a pirate operation, and get embroiled in their schemes as they come ashore from their ship . It turns out the pirates are in league with the local Squire, and visit his estate . However they are being tracked down by men under the command of Blake, who eventually pursue them to the coast and they are routed and the Doctor, Ben and Polly escape.

Locations filmed for the story:
Nanjizal Bay
Filmed: 19-20 Jun 1966

The beach
Bosistow Cliffs
Nanjizal, Cornwall
Filmed: 20 Jun 1966
St Grada Church
Grade, Cornwall
Filmed: 21 Jun 1966

The village church
Church Cove
Filmed: 21 Jun 1966

The local village
Trenethick Barton
Filmed: 21 Jun 1966

The Squire's Estate
Trethewey Farm
Filmed: 22 Jun 1966

The village Inn
Bonny Mary
Newlyn, Cornwall
Filmed: 23 Jun 1966

The Black Albatross
In Studio:
»Riverside Studios (Studio 1), Crisp Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 9RL (8,15,22,29 Jul 1966)

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