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The Sound of Drums

1 episode, broadcast: 23rd June 2007

Locations filmed for the story:
Hensol Castle
Filmed: 16-17 Feb 2007

Number 10
Filmed: 19 Feb 2007

Leo is warned by Martha on the phone
Cwrt-y-Vil Road
Filmed: 19-20 Feb 2007

Francine's House
Queen's Road
Filmed: 20 Feb 2007

Martha speeds down a road to her mother's
High Street
Filmed: 20 Feb 2007

Martha overtakes another car in her rush to her mother's
Arcot Street
Filmed: 20 Feb 2007

Martha hurls the car around a corner
The Friary (alley)
Filmed: 21 Feb 2007

The Doctor, Martha and Jack arrive back in London.
The Friary
Filmed: 21 Feb 2007

The Doctor, Martha and Jack discuss where the Master might be.
Wales Millennium Centre
Filmed: 21 Feb 2007

The new Prime Minister addresses the nation ...
Maelfa Shopping Centre
Llanedeyrn, Cardiff
Filmed: 22 Feb 2007

The Doctor and Master discuss what happened during the Time War.
College Green
Filmed: 22 Feb 2007

Anne Widdecombe says Vote Saxon!
Wenallt Woods
Filmed: 1 Mar 2007

Hillside overlooking Toclafane attack
University Place
Splott, Cardiff
Filmed: 2 Mar 2007

Outside Martha's Flat
MOD St Athan
(formerly RAF St Athan)
Vale of Glamorgan
Filmed: 9 Mar 2007

Maindy Road (British Rail Warehouse)
Cathays, Cardiff
Filmed: 10 Mar 2007

The Doctor discusses the Master's history with Jack and Martha.
Whitmore Bay
Barry Island
Filmed: 12 Mar 2007

Gallifrey/Timelord Initiation
Paget Road, Barry Island
Filmed: 19 Mar 2007

The cafe
Unverified Locations referenced as being used for filming:
Augusta Road
Filmed: 20 Feb 2007

In Martha's car
In Studio:
»BBC Broadcasting House (BBC Wales Newsroom), Llantrisant Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2YQ (9 Feb 2007)
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (7,23,26-28 Feb, 1,5-6,13 Mar 2007)
»Universal Music Limited, 364-366 Kensington High Street, London, W14 8NS (22 Feb 2007)

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