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Spearhead from Space

4 episodes, broadcast: 3 Jan - 24 Jan 1970

Locations filmed for the story:
5-11 Georges Road
(formerly Favourite Toys Ltd)
Georges Road, Holloway
Filmed: 13 Sep 1969

doll manufacturing area
Euston Road
St. Pancras, London
Filmed: 13 Sep 1969

Liz Shaw is driven to UNIT Headquarters (Camden Town Hall seen behind her through car window).
Midland Road
St. Pancras, London
Filmed: 13 Sep 1969

Liz Shaw arrives at UNIT Headquarters.
The Broadway
Ealing, London
Filmed: 14 Sep 1969

A peaceful morning in London ...
High Street
Ealing, London
Filmed: 14 Sep 1969

Autons attack members of the public on London streets!
Lancaster Road
Ealing, London
Filmed: 14 Sep 1969

A policeman hears glass smashing and heads off to investigate
Royal Horticultural Society
Wisley, Surrey
Filmed: 15 Sep 1969
Hatchford Park
(formerly Hatchford Park School)
Hatchford, Surrey
Filmed: 17 Sep 1969
BBC (Victoria Road)
(formerly TCC Condensers)
Filmed: 18-19 Sep 1969

Auto Plastics Factory
Wood Norton Hall
Evesham, Hereford
Filmed: 8-17,20-22,24-27,30 Oct 1969
Wheelbarrow Castle Cottage
Radford, Worcesterhire
Filmed: 23 Oct 1969
Evesham Hotel
(formerly Mansion House Hotel)
Evesham, Worcestshire
Filmed: 28 Oct 1969
Madame Tussauds
Marylebone Road, London
Filmed: 5 Nov 1969
In Studio:
»Van Arden Studios, Grove Road, Ealing (3-4 Nov 1969)
»Ealing Film Studios, Ealing Green, Ealing (19,22 Nov 1969)

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