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The Stolen Earth

1 episode, broadcast: 28th June 2008
The Doctor and Donna materialise on Earth , but then it vanishes without trace. Wilf and Sylvia witness the change of sky , as do Sarah and Luke . The Doctor heads to the Shadow Proclaimation , before tracking down the Earth to the Medusa Cascade.
Daleks attack UNIT HQ in New York and Martha uses Project Indigo to escape . Rose watches the Daleks invade Earth . Humans are rounded up by the Daleks and Rose saves Wilf and Sylvia from a Dalek . Martha arrives at her mother's house , and she, Jack and Sarah pick up the Subwave Network from Harriet Jones's home. .
Together they signal the Doctor, who picks up the signal beamed out by Torchwood , and uses it to find Earth one second in the future. The TARDIS materialises on an abandonned street , and Donna points out Rose . The Doctor and Rose run to each other, but a Dalek appears and shoots the Doctor, before it is destroyed by Jack .
Meanwhile, Sarah is confronted by a Dalek patrol ...

Locations filmed for the story:
Nant-Fawr Road (house interior)
Filmed: 27/28 Feb 2008

Rose listens to Harriet Jones at Wilf's
Optometry and Visual Sciences
Cardiff University
Filmed: 8 Mar 2008

The Shadow Proclamation
Ffordd Gerdinan
Tonteg, Mid Glamorgan
Filmed: 11 Mar 2008 Album

The TARDIS lands on Earth ... which then vanishes!
Hawthorn Road (outside no 18)
Filmed: 12 Mar 2008

Wilf and Sylvia look up into the dark sky in amazement.
Market Street
Filmed: 12 Mar 2008

Rose watches the Dalek saucers begin their attack.
High Street
Filmed: 13 Mar 2008

The TARDIS materialises on Earth.
Queen's Road
Filmed: 13 Mar 2008

Rose materialises and runs to the Doctor.
Paget Road
Filmed: 13 Mar 2008

A Dalek appears and shoots the Doctor.
Arcot Street
Filmed: 13 Mar 2008

Jack materialises and destroys the Dalek.
Brook Street
Filmed: 14 Mar 2008

The Daleks round up humans.
Plantagenet Street
Filmed: 14 Mar 2008

A Dalek confronts Wilf and Sylvia.
South Wales Traffic Management Centre
Coryton, Cardiff
Filmed: 16 Mar 2008

UNIT HQ in New York
Lower House
Filmed: 18 Mar 2008

Harriet's House
Wales Museum Collections Centre
Barry Island
Filmed: 18 Mar 2008

Martha is taken to Project Indigo
Cwrt-y-Vil Road (inside)
Filmed: 25-26 Mar 2008

Martha materialises at her mother's
Clinton Road (No 21)
Filmed: 25 Mar 2008

Sarah drives off to meet the Doctor.
Robinswood Crescent
Filmed: 25 Mar 2008

Sarah's car is stopped by a Dalek patrol.
Other locations appearing in the story:
Roald Dahl Plass
Filmed: reused from Torchwood

The Torchwood Hub signals the Doctor
In Studio:
»BBC Broadcasting House (C2 News Studio), Llantrisant Road, Llandaff, Cardiff, CF5 2YQ (31 Jan 2008)
»BBC Studios, Unit 1/2, Tonteg Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Upper Boat, Pontypridd, CF37 5UA (18-22 Feb, 3,20-21,24,27-29 Mar, 1 May 2008)

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DWM: The Series Four Companion: Production Journal (p126-145)

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