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Stories: Torchwood

"Torchwood. Outside the government, beyond the police. Tracking down alien life on earth, arming the human race against the future.
The 21st century is when everything changes, and you've got to be ready!"

- Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood (series one)

Torchwood is the first full spin-off series from Doctor Who, and was launched on BBC3 in October 2006 as a new vehicle for the Doctor's companion Captain Jack Harkness, taking up the story of what happened to him after the events climaxing the first series of Doctor Who. Taking place in the near future, the series features investigations by Jack's team from their base beneath Cardiff Bay's Roald Dahl Plass, home to a Rift in space and time discovered in Cardiff by the Doctor back in 1869 (The Unquiet Dead!).

Series One
»Everything Changes
»Day One
»Ghost Machine
»Small Worlds
»Greeks Bearing Gifts
»They Keep Killing Suzie
»Random Shoes
»Out of Time
»Captain Jack Harkness
»End of Days
Series Two
»Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
»To The Last Man
»Dead Man Walking
»A Day In The Death
»Something Borrowed
»From Out Of The Rain
»Exit Wounds
Children of Earth
»Day One
»Day Two
»Day Three
»Day Four
»Day Five
Miracle Day
»The New World
»Dead of Night
»Escape to L.A.
»The Categories of Life
»The Middle Men
»Immortal Sins
»End of the Road
»The Gathering
»The Blood Line

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